Pitlochry in Bloom History

Where we began in 1993

In the early 1990's Pitlochry was looking very run-down, with a number of derelict brown-field sites and a very tired main street.  The local enterprise body, Scottish Enterprise Tayside, involved the Pitlochry business community in restoring the Victorian Arcades on the Atholl Road.

 P&K Council after receiving adverse publicity about the cleanliness in Perth, employed a Bloom Co-ordinator to encourage local communities to take responsibility for improving and caring for their environment.

 Pitlochry in Bloom was born from this twin parentage to the local Tourism Committee and in 1994 became an independent group with its own Constitution.  Of the 12 Committee members we have now, 8 have been with us over 13 years.


 Tourism Committee      

 Since 1993 Pitlochry has successfully competed in and won approx 50 awards from Take a Pride in Perthshire, Beautiful Scotland, Britain in Bloom, Entente Florale, Communities in Bloom, Gardening Scotland, Royal British Legion Scotland and Pitlochry Civic Trust to name a few.


We work hard to maintain our income and look after all of our floral features and build new sustainable ones.  A decision to enchance the Victorian heritage of our the town has brought a number or Victorian iron sculptures made for us by a local lady blacksmith.  These are photographed on a regular basis by visitors as well as being sketched an painted.  

   Flower      Flower


Every year Pitlochry in Bloom work with American People to People Student Ambassadors on a President Eisenhower exchange programme.  They work all around the community with our local church, farmers, in the Explorers Garden, at the hospital and on general duties with Pitlochry in Bloom.  There are approx 500 - 700 students each year to help keep our town looking BLOOMING!

Brownfield sites are now being built on.  The most recent being the Curling Rink which now provides flats for young families who may struggle to buy property.

Our latest project was celebrating 150 years of the Highland Railway line and the campaigning for the station refurbishment.  More information on this project to follow on our projects page.

Pitlochry in Bloom

Pitlochry in Bloom will always be looking for the next project to keep our town looking fantastic for visitors and residents!



Pitlochry in Bloom

Station Porter

The most recent of Morag's sculptures, complete with luggage trolley, was placed at the station in 2003.

Pitlochry in Bloom

Postman On Bike

The Victorian Postie on a Penny Farthing bike was made by Morag Cumming of Keltneyburn Smithy to enhance the entrance to the new industrial site and the sorting office. It was unveiled by "Queen Victoria" during the Atholl Festival in 1997.

Pitlochry in Bloom

Nanny With Pram

The Victorian Nanny & Perambulator were designed for Pitlochry in Bloom in 2000 to enhance the entrance to the Atholl Palace Hotel who hosted the Beautiful Scotland awards that year.