Conservation & Biodiversity

Conservation & Biodiversity


Recycling is one of the core principles of good environmental practise.  There are many good opportunities for this in Pitlochry, and we would encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste.

Slim your bin

Avoid creating waste by reducing the amount of throw-away material.  Choose shopping products without excessive packaging. Re-use plastic bags or use "bags for life"

Repair items that are still serviceable instead of throwing them away

Support recycling initiatives, virtually all things can be taken to the local recycling facilites centre at Stangers Yard on Bridge Road.  Glass, tin cans, cardboard, papaer, plastics, electrical goods, large and small, batteries, garden waste, builders waste, general waste and bicycles.  The "Blytheswood" lorry calls monthly at the Baptist Church and finally "Pitlochry in Bloom" have their annual Thrift Shop in the summer at the Scout Hut.

Gardeners can produce home compost, which is free and the council supply home-composting bins.  Well made compost is invaluable for the build-up and maintenance of soil fertility.  It provides and ideal method of disposing of plant waste from the garden and kitchen.  And you can get free soil enchancer too from the recycling depot.


Biodiversity is the name given to the range of species, both flora and fauna that exist in eco-systems.  It is now realised that it is important to protect the environment and therefore the species within the eco-system as they will need each other to survive. For example it is pointless to feed bluetits if there are no plants for moths in the habitat, as they each eat 10,000 moths a day!!  Bee houses are also important as wild, solitary bees are 300 times more important then domestic beeds for pollination.  It is vital to protect and provide habitats that encourage biodiversity and native species.

10 simple things that you can do in your garden

Don't use pesticides

Plant for pollinators

Don't use peat

Grow a wild flower area

Build a Bee Hoouse

Build a Bug Hotel

Make a compost heap

Have a Wormery

Make a Log Pile

Make a Pond or Bog Garden


Three things to remove always - they are invasive species and are creeping into Pitlochry

Japanese Knotweed

Himalayan Balsam









Pitlochry in Bloom

Nanny With Pram

The Victorian Nanny & Perambulator were designed for Pitlochry in Bloom in 2000 to enhance the entrance to the Atholl Palace Hotel who hosted the Beautiful Scotland awards that year.

Pitlochry in Bloom

The Fisherman

Commissioned in 2004, the fisherman now has a boat which was made for him in 2004 and is found on the south side of the railway bridge as you head into Pitlochry from the South.

Pitlochry in Bloom

Station Porter

The most recent of Morag's sculptures, complete with luggage trolley, was placed at the station in 2003.