The Black Spout Woods and Bobbin Mill Woods are home to Roe deer and Red Squirrels. These ancient woods with Scots Pine are used by walkers and picnickers.

The River Tummel is famous for Atlantic salmon and Otters and the Tummel Shingle Islands Reserve is one of the rarest habitats to be found in Great Britain. The reserve is home to 380 plants, including meadow-rue, globeflower, meadow saxifrage, cowslip and buttercup. Ringed plover and common tern breed here, other birds include the common sandpiper, common gull, redshank, oystercatcher and the lapwing. Scotch Angus and common blue butterflies are present along with craneflies and a rare 5 spot ladybird, not normally found on a river habitat.

Winter 2008, due to local concerns about the amount of contractors litter left on the building sites in the Bobbin Mill Woods, the community decided to set up a Litter Support team for the Bloom and we now have folk out monthly and are adopting roads and streets to litter pick. One of the Committee members co-ordinates the work of this group which involves local churches, CC, residents, children and Bloomers.

We have an annual bulb-planting and tree planting programme, sponsored by the town residents, businesses and community groups. Last winter we planted two oak trees in Bobbin Mill Woods grown by members of the CLAN DONNACHIE from acorns of the historic ROBERTSON OAK. We also planted tulips, narcissi, crocuses, fritillaries, alliums and our usual daffodils in the new hospital grounds.

Four years ago we saw the welcome return of nesting swans to the "Cuilc", we have not had swans in Pitlochry for over 50 years.

Amidst growing concern for our iconic Red Squirrel, local residents have formed an action group to try and eradicate the Greys from getting a foothold in Highland Perthire. Under the direction of Perth and Kinross Red Squirrel group, we are now trapping greys who enter the town. The delightful reds are now being fed by businesses and residents all over the town and information on where to view them in on our town map.

We have a large population of Red squirrels, Otters and Roe deer in the town. Pitlochry has a wealth of sites which are habitat for our native flora.



The Pitlochry in Bloom have a great working relationship with the Litter Support Team run by Catherine Holmes and Roger West.  On the last Thursday of each month a team of volunteers take to the streets of Pitlochry to keep our town looking beautiful.  If you would like to volunteer please contact Roger West on 01795 474 255

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Pitlochry in Bloom

The Fisherman

Commissioned in 2004, the fisherman now has a boat which was made for him in 2004 and is found on the south side of the railway bridge as you head into Pitlochry from the South.

Pitlochry in Bloom

Flower Seller

Victorian Flower Seller - another of Morag's commissions for the Bloom in 1996, she orginally sat in the small garden opposite the Bank of Scotland, she moved to her present site between the Bank of Scotland and RBS in 2003.

Pitlochry in Bloom

Nanny With Pram

The Victorian Nanny & Perambulator were designed for Pitlochry in Bloom in 2000 to enhance the entrance to the Atholl Palace Hotel who hosted the Beautiful Scotland awards that year.